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Frontline workers

Design for the front lines

At Greater Good Studio, we practice what is known as “human-centered design.” In other words, we design with the user in mind – the real live human who will use the products and services that we create. But while many design projects focus on the end user, we’ve started to notice a common theme to […]

What does it take to be a designer in the social sector?

Last year in October, a recently graduated student in Human-Computer Interaction asked me what it takes to be a designer in the social design field. Since I was/am still quite new to it myself, I felt I didn’t have a complete answer ready yet. The question has been lingering in my head ever since. Here’s […]
Learn, Earn, Return

Learn + Earn + Return

Hey working professionals, have you ever heard of the concept, “Learn, Earn, Return?” It came up in The Purpose Economy (thanks for the advance copy, Aaron Hurst!) and I think it’s as silly and outdated as he does. Learn, Earn, Return is basically a really simple, really old-school plan for your life. It breaks your […]