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Learn, Earn, Return

Learn + Earn + Return

Hey working professionals, have you ever heard of the concept, “Learn, Earn, Return?” It came up in The Purpose Economy (thanks for the advance copy, Aaron Hurst!) and I think it’s as silly and outdated as he does. Learn, Earn, Return is basically a really simple, really old-school plan for your life. It breaks your […]

Bring on the competition!

I recently read an article by Eric Stowe in which he wrote: “It is going to take an army of competitors to solve any of the massive problems we are fighting against. So bring on the competition.” In my previous blog post I talked about letting go of novelty. Since that time, I’ve also learned […]

Taking Action

I used to walk by a woman near the train station here in Chicago who held a sign that read: ‘Please help me find a job.’ Every day I wanted to do something for her but didn’t know where to start. Similarly, I’ve watched documentaries that moved me. I’ve read news stories that inspired me. […]