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A new marketplace for design

When we work with our clients, the focus of our research is to understand today’s behaviors. But it seems that many innovations in the social sector bring forward ideas that are meant to completely replace old behaviors, without really understanding what they’re replacing. These innovations are marketplace-competitive when they should instead be behaviorally-competitive. Kevin Starr, […]
Frontline workers

Design for the front lines

At Greater Good Studio, we practice what is known as “human-centered design.” In other words, we design with the user in mind – the real live human who will use the products and services that we create. But while many design projects focus on the end user, we’ve started to notice a common theme to […]

What does it take to be a designer in the social sector?

Last year in October, a recently graduated student in Human-Computer Interaction asked me what it takes to be a designer in the social design field. Since I was/am still quite new to it myself, I felt I didn’t have a complete answer ready yet. The question has been lingering in my head ever since. Here’s […]