Summer Party

Last week, we hosted a party to celebrate Greater Good Studio’s second birthday and the grand opening of The Logan Share. With over 200 guests, the room was buzzing with food, drinks, music and ideas!


One of our favorite things was how many people came up to us and said, “There are so many great people here!” The goal of the party was illustrated in the invite – that the event would take place at the intersection of design and social impact. We wanted those two worlds to meet, get to know each other, and maybe even hook up – for meetings, for projects, for social events. We see that as part of our firm’s responsibility – to foster more collaboration between design and social impact. In a word, grow the overlap.

PartyWe tried a little running experiment by asking people to contribute their ideas to a wall of Post-Its. The wall said, “The change I want to see is…” with a hashtag, #ImproveMyChicago. We love the thoughts that were left behind: everything from “Diversity in every neighborhood” to “Sustainable power grid” to “Positive sex education for pre-teens” to my personal favorite, “Hammock hooks around town with a map.”

PartyHopefully these ideas live on as more than just words on a tiny page. These are projects designers can do! These are real-life social problems worth solving! See the whole collection and more event photos here. We would be honored to work on even half these issues during our careers.

Thanks everyone for coming out. We continue to be inspired by the social innovation community here in Chicago, and we can’t wait to see what happens next.


(Special thanks to Marvin Cespedes and Jen Marquez for the great photography!)


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Sara Cantor Aye

Sara is a co-founder of Greater Good Studio.

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